The Beginning

It’s here, it’s happening, I am flying to Japan.

Whilst the last week has involved me frantically googling ‘how to lose a stone in 4 days’ as well as ‘will my anti-malarials kill me?’, I have decided now is the time to simply accept that what will be will be and I should just take life as it comes and, you know, be zen and stuff.

Obviously I fell asleep for the first half hour of the plane journey and then stayed awake for the next eleven and a half, but luckily Alitalia’s on flight entertainment system was on hand to bat away boredom, although after saying goodbye to your sister for fourteen months I would wholeheartedly not recommend watching Frozen, because yes, I do want to build a snowman.

We were served a delicious dinner of rice and meat, although I am still unsure which meat it actually was (I thought it was pork, then I thought it was beef – supposedly it was chicken). That was the Japanese option and we were even given chopsticks which obviously made us look really cool and at ease with Japanese culture, luckily I got some practise in at Wagamamas in Chichester the other day, otherwise that could have been embarrassing.

There was a large number of tears shed at the airport this morning which was pretty embarrassing, I’m now officially someone I’ve always disapproved of, that girl who cries in public places. In the past week I’d say I’ve only actually had one or two mental breakdowns, so that’s reassuring. I cheered up once we got through security and Al told me that there would be free food and movies on the plane! (I’m used to flying with Easy Jet and can’t actually remember the last time I flew out of Europe). When the air hostess poured me a diet coke and didn’t ask for €7 I nearly peed myself with excitement.

We had a slight issue when we got to Milan because we had to change airports (cheers STA) but luckily because Alex and I are experienced and at peace with ourselves and transportation systems in general, we didn’t panic, and headed straight for the information desk to find out where to buy our bus tickets.

Milan Malpensa airport is a fairly deceiving place. We checked in no problem and decided to stop off for a fruit salad, as you do. Wandering through the airport we both commented on how quiet it was, and daydreamed of our flight to Tokyo being the same with empty seats in all directions. We decided to breeze through security with an hour to spare then chill at the gate making the most of the free wifi (we’re weaning ourselves off it – give us a break). However, on reaching security we discovered a whole airport’s worth of people in one queue. It dawned on us that this was why the airport was so quiet, every human inside it was queuing. Then the machine broke and no one’s bags could go through and we only had 10 minutes to get our flight *deep breaths Alex, deep breaths* I don’t think I ‘panicked’ as such, but I definitely felt a bit stressed. Luckily Alex ‘cool gal’ Brown sorted us out and we simple moved our stuff to another machine, phew, crisis averted *faints with relief*.

If you were expecting a post about our first day in Tokyo, I apologize, as this post is solely about our time in both Heathrow and Malpensa airports. You will just have to read the next one.



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