HotPod Yoga

It’s Saturday and I’m spending a rare weekend in London. Rare because I’m a country gal, and there’s nothing quite like a fresh, country walk at the weekend to ensure you return to London adequately smug. And rare because although the weekends in London usually begin with good intentions, it doesn’t take long before your bank balance starts to cry and you resort to a Come Dine With Me marathon with Lidl’s own brand chocolate.

This morning I rolled out of bed and tried not to think about last night’s cheese and wine night. Mainly because if you add it all together, I actually consumed more than an entire block of cheese.  View Post

kayla itsines' bbg

It was a bright Sunday in late July that I decided I was going to complete Kayla Itsines’ BBG. I had attempted to run a mile the week before and had to walk after 3 minutes. Whoever tells you that travelling will get you fit is lying. On returning home from my trip, I was possibly the unfittest I’d ever been.

I made the mistake of posting my plans to complete the guide on my Twitter, meaning I couldn’t really bail on day 1, much as I wanted to. Instead, I gritted it out until week 7, long enough so that my tweet had disappeared off the bottom of the page, then burned my workout clothes, threw my yoga mat in the bin and munched my way through a packet of digestives.

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a vegan stirfry

One of the many benefits of 30 days of veganism was coming up with new recipes and then forcing the non-vegans to eat them. I came up with this one evening when I realised how much I miss the flavours of Asian food (or just how much I miss Asia in general) so after getting inappropriately full on nachos and sangria on South Bank, we set about whipping up this amazing vegan stir fry. Cue a coconut induced food coma and being forced to spend the evening lying in bed watching Game Of Thrones. Oh and I also realised the person I thought was Stannis is not actually Stannis. Luckily I’m only four seasons in.

This vegan stir fry is cracking and I guarantee you won’t miss meat or cheese at all. OK maybe a little bit.  View Post

30 days of veganism

As part of my bucket list challenge I vowed to complete 30 days of veganism.

I have an extremely love/hate relationship with food and dieting. Sometimes I love cutting out different food groups to see if it makes any changes to me physically or mentally, other times I turn into a 23 year old demon, crying because she forgot to do her laundry and now she’ll have to wear bikini bottoms to work. Just me? Cool.  View Post

Turn a bad day around

I expected to feel horrific when I got back from travelling. After being away for 14 months I thought the initial ‘see my friends and family and be back in the motherland’ feeling would wear off after a few weeks and I’d be left sobbing alone in the corner. Everyone would be bored of my stories and I would come to detest the English accent because let’s face it, the kiwi accent is a million times better.

But I’ve only really had a couple of ‘woe is me’ days. Usually, I can’t believe I’m back and I absolutely love and appreciate all the things I missed, having baths, eating dinner with my family and not waking up in the middle of the night to some Germans sitting on my bed snorting coke.   View Post