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To anyone heading to Laos I would highly recommend paying a visit to the small town of  Luang Namtha, whisking yourself down to the Green Discovery office at the end of the road and booking yourself a three day trek through the jungle.

It was three of the best days of my entire trip, and the relief I felt to be away from the hoards of day-drinking British tourists is quite indescribable.

I was terrified before my trek. It was perhaps my first time doing anything truly alone, Plus, as much as I hate to  admit it, I don’t actually really like walking.

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Today has been my first full day in Laos! Whilst Alex has stayed in Huay Xai to do the Gibbon experience, I have whisked myself off to the beautiful Luang Namtha to do a 3 day trek and kayak. I know, I can’t believe it either.

I was dreading the long bus journey from Pai to the boarder town of Chiang Khong. But, as per usual, I slept pretty much the whole way. I think this is a combination of too many dodgy Thai anti-nausea pills mixed with doxycycline and an iPod with far too much Bon Iver on it, but I’m not complaining. We were told the bus would get us to Chiang Khong at ‘9 or 10pm’ and we would be in a room with a fan. We got to the boarder at nearly 1am and there was no sign of a fan. But we did have a lizard, although he did little to perk up the horror that was our room.

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Monkey Beach Thailand

After a few requests from my diehard fans (my parents and Alex’s parents) I thought it was time to man up and write a blog post instead of lounging around in a hammock drinking a strawberry smoothie which is just so tempting when you’re in a town as laid back as Pai.

Luckily I have been stuck in bed sick for two days and as I am getting a bit bored of lying staring at this view, I thought I would do a blog on our time in Thailand. 

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Good morning from Tokyo! It’s 5am on Monday morning and I can’t sleep, and I don’t think I have slept.

Luckily though Alex and I have been googling the best ways to recover from jet lag.

These are:

  • Go to bed at a normal time (we went to bed at 8pm)
  • Wake up at a normal time aka set an alarm (we woke up at 2pm)
  • Eat the right meals at the right time of day (we asked for breakfast recommendations at 3pm, which the hostel staff obviously found hilarious. Even more so because the day before we had asked them for dinner recommendations at the same time).

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It’s here, it’s happening, I am flying to Japan.

Whilst the last week has involved me frantically googling ‘how to lose a stone in 4 days’ as well as ‘will my anti-malarials kill me?’, I have decided now is the time to simply accept that what will be will be and I should just take life as it comes and, you know, be zen and stuff.

Obviously I fell asleep for the first half hour of the plane journey and then stayed awake for the next eleven and a half, but luckily Alitalia’s on flight entertainment system was on hand to bat away boredom, although after saying goodbye to your sister for fourteen months I would wholeheartedly not recommend watching Frozen, because yes, I do want to build a snowman.

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