Bucket List: 25 things to do before 25

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This morning I had the terrifying realisation that I am turning 25 next year. Whilst I obviously know how old I am, I have never really considered how close I am to the dreaded mid-twenties, and I think it’s safe to say that if anyone is going to have a quarter life crisis, it’ll be me.

But, being the optimistic girl that I am, I swiftly wrote myself a bucket list of 25 things I want to do before I’m 25. I turn 25 in September 2017, and I am feeling confident that a new me is just around the corner.

I know  most of these are ridiculously simple and you’ll probably think I’m the most boring person in the entire world, but as I’ve already been to 15 countries in the space of 14 months, and am probably the poorest I’ve ever been in my life, I thought I could leave the adrenaline filled activities for now.

I’ve hang-glided in Rio, got lost in Colombia (FYI the scariest day of my entire life), watched the sunset in the Atacama desert, temple hopped in Myanmar and woken up at 4am to visit a fish market in Tokyo, so please don’t judge me for trying to make something of my life in the UK with a seriously boring checklist.

Here is my bucket list, or the 25 things to do before I turn 25


30 days no caffeine
Go to a football match
Go to a yoga class 
Spa weekend
Go on a weekend break to Europe
Go to the cinema alone and don’t be embarrassed
7 days of no TV
Pay off all debts
See the Eiffel Tower
Go on holiday in the UK
Give blood


10 day juice diet
30 days exercising everyday
Run a 10k – this was originally run a half marathon but I doubt that will happen before 25 – definitely before 26 though 
30 days journalling everyday

Move to London
30 days no social media
Go to Iceland
30 days meditation everyday
Go skiing


30 days vegan
Host a dinner party
30 days no shopping or unnecessary spending
Learn to cook 10 new dishes
Save £5000


Learn the guitar
Join a team
Go to a festival
Write something proper and get paid for it
Invent a new cocktail
Learn Spanish properly
Make a happiness board
Cut my hair short

Tried And Failed

Complete Kayla Itsines BBG – but read this post to see why I failed.

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