The Best Places To Eat In Auckland

best places to eat in Auckland

There’s no way I would ever be able to go through all the best places to eat in Auckland, but if you’re wandering around central Auckland looking for somewhere to have some food and bevys then look no further. I spent six months living in Auckland eating my way through my wages, so if anyone is well equipped to help you in a time of need, it’s me.

Here’s my list of the best places to eat in Auckland

1) Mexico Britomart

For me, this is actually the best place to eat in Auckland.

Yes, I worked here for five months so I may be slightly biased, but even so this is one my my favourite places to eat in central Auckland. They have the best guacamole I’ve ever tried, 10 different flavours of margaritas and fried chicken that will change your life (and I don’t even like chicken).

Have a few margaritas, pretend to love some top shelf tequila and wonder how your life got so good that being this drunk on a Tuesday afternoon is acceptable.

2) Elliot Stables

Elliot Stables is somewhere annoying friend who hates everything and can never decide what to have. Because Elliot Stables has everything. It’s basically one huge restaurant with loads of different restaurants inside it, a posh food court as it were.

I have had some cracking ramen, a huge steak and chips and an incredible curry. Whatever you fancy, Elliot Stables will have it.

3) Food Truck Garage

The Food Truck is the place to go with your other annoying friend who hates burgers, all calories and any meals that don’t include avocado.

They do healthy fast food and they do it well. They have fresh juices, frozen yoghurt sundaes and a lot of quinoa.

My favourite is the beefroot burger with sweet potato fries.

If you fancy a meal out but you don’t want to hate yourself afterwards and spend three hours googling how much you have to run to burn off a whole block of cheese, Food truck is your place.

4) Sky Tower

The Sky Tower restaurant is more for novelty factor than anything else. The food is overpriced but still tasty, but really it is the view that makes it. Rangitoto, Waiheke and Mission Bay are just a few of the amazing locations that make the view from the Sky Tower so incredible.

The restaurant revolves which is great for looking at the view but not so great if you got so drunk you threw up in Danny Doolans the night before.

5) La Cigale Market

La Cigale market isn’t a restaurant it’s a market, but the food here is honestly some of the best in Auckland.

The paella is SO good and unsurprisingly always sells out (so get in early), the Croque Monsieurs are good if you don’t mind eating something that looks a bit like pus and the fruit and veg is cheaper than anything you will ever find in Countdown.

It runs Saturday’s and Sunday’s until 1pm. If you can’t wake up early then don’t worry because you can usually get some discounts when they’re closing up so woohoo. We used to come here every weekend without fail and eat so much that we spent the rest of the day comatosed watching Netflix promising ourselves that we would do circuit training later. Dream on.

For extra relaxation buy your brunch at La Cigale and then go eat in the nearby park with amazing views of Auckland skyline. I miss Auckland so much I’m actually nearly crying writing this. Embarrassing.

6) Shakey Isles

Shakey Isles cafe is so good that I would go most days for my three hour break during my doubles (hooray to no longer being a waitress).

One particular time I had just started a new healthy eating regime and as I’d had a big breakfast I decided to just get an iced coffee from Shakey Isles. Iced coffee, healthy right? No biggie.

It turns out this was a big mistake for a serial dieter, as I guarantee if you drink their iced coffees you will gain roughly 7lbs and your insides will turn to ice cream and stay that way until you burn 10,000 calories on the treadmill, run two marathons and complete Kayla Itsines’ BBG three times over.

For this was no Costa Iced Americano, instead it was ice cream and chocolate sauce and sprinkles all shoved into a pint glass, just ready to attack your cholesterol.

I hate to write this because it was $6 and I’m sure it was delicious and this makes me sound like an absolute weirdo but I actually left it on the table untouched and didn’t go back to Shakey Isles until I had someone else with me for moral support.




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      June 20, 2016 / 7:10 pm

      Yay do it!! Auckland has such good food!

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