30 Days Of Meditation

30 days of meditation

Today I start my first 25 things challenge, 30 days of meditation!

My brain is a very busy (crazy) place and sometimes I struggle to switch off.

I have read book after book on mindfulness, meditation and how to use yoga to quieten your mind. I’m so well informed but thoughts of what I ate for dinner or how much I want to go to Nepal still seem to plague me on a daily basis.

Hard life of the middle class, I know.

In all seriousness, I am desperate to be more mindful, move at a slower pace and just generally be a much better person than I currently am, sitting here frantically stabbing at the keyboard like a crazy person with shit nails.

So that’s where my 30 days of meditation comes in. I chose 30 days because it’s long enough to feel the benefits, but not long enough to get so bored I want to shoot myself, and hopefully I can carry on once I’ve finished and I’ll become a dream to be around forevermore.

I’ve downloaded a few apps to help me on my way, although I am hoping not to have to use them after day 20, because I feel like it might not work as well when you are still attached to your phone and have all the usual worries of your battery dying, or getting a phone call from an unknown number (how does anyone ever deal with that?).

The apps I’ve downloaded are:

Headspace – I’ve used this before and it’s really good. But I’m pretty sure you only get 10 free sessions, so for the first 10 days I will be doing this because boo to being poor.

Mindfulness Daily – I’m really excited about this one and I have already started using it. Whilst not strictly meditation, it encourages mindfulness by sending notifications telling you to take note of your breathing pace, acknowledge where you have tension, and monitor your mood.

I’ve already used it today and can confirm that I feel guilty for no reason whatsoever, have tension in my shoulders and was breathing quite fast because I had just walked up the stairs (please congratulate me for taking the stairs instead of the lift). So yeah I am excited about this one, and even writing this has reminded me to relax my shoulders so it must be working already. New me coming right up.

Finally, I have signed up to a course (it’s free) on Highbrow. They basically email you free ‘classes’ everyday for 10 days and then when you’ve completed it you can sign up to another course. The one I am doing is ‘Minimalism’, so basically they email me with tips and activities to do once a day on how to become a minimalist (basically I just want to spend less money on smoothies in Pret). Although this doesn’t count towards my 30 days of meditation, it’s just way for me to become more mindful and just generally a great person.

Because I have a love/hate relationship with my phone, I would definitely rather delete these meditation apps sooner rather than later, but then again, if you’re as crazy as me you need all the help you can get (I’m not actually crazy).



  1. June 26, 2016 / 8:43 pm

    Happy meditating! You’ve totally got this begs, looking forward to seeing the zen you in 30 days 😉 xo
    Amy | Toothbrush Travels recently posted…Boxgrove ChurchMy Profile

    • badhairandbackpacks
      June 27, 2016 / 11:03 am

      Thank you Amy! I’m feeling better already! xxx

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