One of the many benefits of 30 days of veganism was coming up with new recipes and then forcing the non-vegans to eat them. I came up with this one evening when I realised how much I miss the flavours of Asian food (or just how much I miss Asia in general) so after getting inappropriately full on nachos and sangria on South Bank, we set about whipping up this amazing vegan stir fry. Cue a coconut induced food coma and being forced to spend the evening lying in bed watching Game Of Thrones. Oh and I also realised the person I thought was Stannis is not actually Stannis. Luckily I’m only four seasons in.

This vegan stir fry is cracking and I guarantee you won’t miss meat or cheese at all. OK maybe a little bit.  View Post

travel in new zealand

Without a doubt New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. There’s volcanoes, glacial lakes, mountains, locals so friendly they make Londoners seem like dementors and wait, how much is it for a coffee?!

Regardless of the cost, travel in New Zealand is something all backpackers/aspiring Frodos should experience. Whether it’s the fact that you can practically see the South Pole or knowing that you are thousands of miles from the nearest London tube station, there’s something magical about New Zealand.  View Post

30 days of veganism

As part of my bucket list challenge I vowed to complete 30 days of veganism.

I have an extremely love/hate relationship with food and dieting. Sometimes I love cutting out different food groups to see if it makes any changes to me physically or mentally, other times I turn into a 23 year old demon, crying because she forgot to do her laundry and now she has no clean pants and it’s everyone’s fault but her own and she’ll have to wear bikini bottoms to work. Let’s be honest, it’s happened to all of us. View Post

Turn a bad day around

I expected to feel horrific when I got back from travelling. After being away for 14 months I thought the initial ‘see my friends and family and be back in the motherland’ feeling would wear off after a few weeks and I’d be left sobbing alone in the corner. Everyone would be bored of my stories and I would come to detest the English accent because let’s face it, the kiwi accent is a million times better.

But I’ve only really had a couple of ‘woe is me’ days. Usually, I can’t believe I’m back and I absolutely love and appreciate all the things I missed, having baths, eating dinner with my family and not waking up in the middle of the night to some Germans sitting on my bed snorting coke.   View Post

happiness tools

I tend to bumble along through life missing out on the good stuff because I’m too busy worrying about something. Essentially I spend far too much time in my head and not enough time appreciating whatever goes on around me. The actual, real life stuff.

So after coming home from travelling I created a bucket list to hold myself accountable for my actions and thoughts. To make sure I am always appreciative and don’t take people, or life for granted. And even though I’ve barely even started, it’s already taught me so much about mindfulness, meditation and dealing with the ridiculous worries that invade my mind each day, turning me into a monster whose life ends the moment she gets stuck in traffic.

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